Monday, August 7, 2017

Happy Anniversary Lauren & Julian!

Hey Fam!

What the heck?!!  How are Lauren and Julian married for a year?  Like, what? I can't even like comprehend that! But hey, Happy Anniversary to you both!! 

This week was good - it was a week full of ups and downs... Haha!  But in the end, everything's really good!! :D

We had conference of all the leaders in the mission, and I really had a cool moment!  President asked why we are leaders, and I got a lot of answers here and there as the day went.  But I also thought about it in another way... When I think about how I got to this point?!... Like how I even arrived as a missionary? And something that I really realized was that God has His plans for all of us. He knows exactly where and when we should be born, who should be our family, and He really takes everything into account!  

I'm convinced that before this life, we had like an intereview with Him, and He told us something like 'look, life is hard, but I'm gonna put you with your best friends and they're gonna be your family, okay?'  I mean that's probably not really the way it went, but I like to think like that. Because basically I know that nothing is coincidence, who is in our family, who are our friends, everything :D That's not gospel doctrine so don't mistake it... Hahahah!  But, I can see when I look back, all of the dots connect, as though every experience, every interaction, everything and everyone had a purpose or a part in getting me here where I am today.  It makes me grateful for God's plan for me because I'm so happy to be here in Chihuahua!

We've seen a lot of miracles here in the Chuviscar Zone, o sea, my zone. It's pretty awesome here! :) And my comp and I are real good. Honestly, I've been pretty blessed with my comps!

But yea, life is good! I love Chihuahua and we're just putting in work here! It's pretty awesome, the mission life.

Bueno, I hope you guys have an awesome week!
Until next time!!!!
With Elder Templeton

A note from Nick's Mom:

Nick must be putting the word out about my approaching birthday because I started receiving messages from missionaries that are serving with him!  They are sweet greetings with warm birthday wishes, but the thing I love most is their warm regard for Nick!  Following are a few of the messages:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER FARDOS your son is my best buddy. The dude is a legend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
-Elder Johansen

Hola! Thank you so much Sister Fardos for raising such a good son, he's been a help to me many ways in the mission. Thanks for everything you do and have done. And also something a little extra HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE IT IS A GREAT ONE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that all you wishes come true and that you can enjoy your special day of the year. Love you! 
Love Elder Epperson 

Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you 🎂💗
Happy Birthday Sister Fardos wish you but the best of birthday wishes here from chihuahua Mexico. Id like to thank you Sister Fardos for raising Elder Fardos to be who he is now. He is one of the best missionaries i know also I claim him as my little brother He is a great leader and he loves you guys all so much. Thank you for being a great influence in his life and thank you for being a strong and faithful member of this wonderful gospel. I wish you nothing but the best sending my love from Chihuahua Mexico Thanks for everything Sister Fardos. 
Con amor, Hermana Brown Polamalu aka sister of Elder Fardos 💗🎂

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