Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Just Another Day in the Mission Life!

Okayyyyyyy this week!

Bueno, I don't think a lot of crazy stuff happened, other than this one kid we're teaching. I'm just gonna start with that :D

This kid, Hugo, is the son of some menos activos. The misioneries taught his family when he had like 6 or 7 years. Point is, His parents got baptized, but he never did. So, when his dad showed up to church by himself one day, a few weeks back, we were like uh we gotta visit him! get him back to church. So, we went! We knocked on the door, and this kid answered, like 15 years old, and he says 'Woah Elders!!! como estamos????' and we were like uhhh 'who are you?..' SOOOO we got to know him, Hugo, and the kid is incredible. He already knows so much, he has been reading the pamphlets and hymn book all these years of being outside of the church. So we literally just talk a little about what he already knows when we go. Every Sunday he shows up in a suit and he taught himself how to tie a tie and he brings a little side bag and the kid just looks like a missionary.

De hecho, this Sunday, our services start at 9, and we were getting ready, when at like 8:15 en la manana our phone rang, and it was Hugo! He called us and said 'Hey Elders, you ready yet??? should I come by and get you guys??' It was so awesome! It was like a role reversal! ...and then, in the uber to church the driver asked us, 'what our you guys, Jehovah's Witness? and Hugo says, 'No, we're Mormons!' and I was so stoked. This guy wants to go on a mission so bad and I really believe that he'll get out in the field and be the best missionary in a few short years. He will be getting baptized the end of this month.

Also, remember the person in Girasoles that made me a cake? Well his name is Omar, and after so much time of going to church and progressing, He finally told Elder Templeton and his comp that he wants to get baptized!!! I'm so excited for this one. The guy is really awesome and a really good friend. I hope everything plays out good so that he can get baptized this week.

We also had a Zone Conference and Leadership Council, so I have a few of those pictures, not a whole lot else! I am good, my comp is good, the zone is good, and Elder Templeton is awesome!!! I love seeing that kid so often. He's a gift for me out here, Holy Cow! I definitely need him here in Mexico for sure!! Hahaha! He even taught me how to play ping pong like a boss this morning. Bueno, Pues I think that's pretty much all I have for this week!! 

Congrats To the Hamasaki family!! That's honestly amazing that they got sealed!!!! I remember Bro. Hamasaki's baptism like it was yesterday! I wish them the best!!!

Bueno, until the next week fam, I love you guys a bunch, I hope you have a great week!!!!

Stay awesome,

Monday, August 14, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom!!


Before anything else... Happy Birthday Mom!!!! I'm so glad you got the other messages :) You very may well get some more today, because I told some friends it was your birthday! 

And that's awesome that you guys are having such a good time being the ward missionaries and mission leader, it's really cool to see you guys at work!! Even if it's from a distance Hahaha! It makes me happy to see the ward at home progressing so much. 

Okay, well this week was pretty good! It was a pretty regular week but we had a pretty cool experience! Okay, so a couple months ago when I was in Girasoles, Elder Marx and I talked with everyone. Like, EVERYONE.  When I got there, we didn't have anybody to teach so we knocked on doors, we talked to people in the street, everything and anything we could think of to contact and find people we could help.  Bueno, so one day, you might remember me telling you, we knocked on a door, and we found a young girl. Marx and I started teaching her, but she never went to church, so we told her that we'd have to stop coming for a little bit. I planned to go back and check in on her, but I got moved. BUT GUESS WHAT?  She started going to church and yesterday she got baptized and TEMPS WAS THERE!! That boy just keeps making my day out here. He's the bomb! 

Also, remember Elder Johansen from the CCM? Well, he's a Zone Leader now too!  And we're neighbors! Hahaha! But yea, he's awesome too! :) I think he's gonna be an AP (Assistant to the Mission President) one day.  At least I sure hope so!!!!

But Okay, other than this, the week was pretty normal! We're putting in the work out here and I honestly love it!  

Elder Zaragoza and I get along awesome. Like I've said before, I've gotten pretty lucky with my comps. 

Don't have a whole lot to report, so I'll send some photos!!!!!

I love you guys!!! Have an awesome week!!!!

Till next time,

An Elder in my Zone completed one year in the mission this week so we suprised him with a cake and some soda to celebrate a lil bit. :)

Oh, we also did FHE with the zone and a family that we love here. That was so fun!

Loosely translated:  
Reading is like kissing, if you don't do it a lot, people will know when you open your mouth! (because your tongue will give you away)!  Hahaha!!

And Chihuahua is getting super green with all of the rain we've been getting lately!

A note from Nick's Mom:

More sweet Birthday greetings from Missionaries in Chihuahua!!  Nick is taking good care of me, providing lot's of birthday cheer!!  Still loving all of the kindness shared about the genuine affection these young men and women have for our Elder!!

Hey Sister Fardos. 
There's word going around that your birthday is tomorrow! First of all I just want to wish you a happy birthday. I hope you have the greatest day. And I also want you to know that you son Elder Fardos (Nick) is an amazing person. He is honestly on of the best friends I have ever had and he has helped me so much. I look up to him a ton. He honestly has changed my life. So thank you so much for having a great son and family. I can't wait to meet you guys one day. Thanks for everything.
Love, Elder Templeton​​

Buen día familia Fardos. 
Soy un misionero en Chihuahua y estamos con su hijo, elder Fardos y nos comentó que cumplía años y queríamos felicitarle y también agradecerle por los spinners que mandó para nosotros, son buenos para quitar el stress de vez en cuando. Les deseamos que estén bien y que no se preocupen por su hijo, está haciendo un buen trabajo. 
Excelente semana, cuídense.
I am a missionary in Chihuahua with your son, Elder Fardos and he told us that you were celebrating your birthday and we wanted to congratulate you and also thank you for the spinners you sent us, they are good to take away the stress from time to time. We wish you well and do not worry about your son, He is doing a good job.
Excellent week, Take care.
-Elder Aceves del Estado de México. 

Feliz cumpleaños hermana Fardos, no le conocemos, pero le deseamos un muy buen feliz cumpleaños los misioneros de la Misión México Chihuahua!!
Disfrute su día y reciba muchos cordiales saludos.
Somos los misioneros que trabajamos junto a Elder Fardos.
Y yo fui su compañero en Diciembre :D
Así que solo les conozco por fotografías.
No se preocupe por su hijo, aún lo sigo cuidando :)  (Fui el primero compañero de su hijo.)
Feliz cumpleaños! 
Happy birthday Sister Fardos, we haven't met, but we wish you a very happy birthday from the missionaries of the Mexico Chihuahua Mission !!
Enjoy your day as you receive many birthday greetings.
We are the missionaries who work alongside Elder Fardos.
And I was his companion in December :D
So I know you by photographs.
Do not worry about your son, I still take care of him! :) (I was the first companion of your son.)
Happy Birthday!
Con aprecio Elder López.

Hey, I heard it's your birthday! Happy Birthday, Mrs. Fardos! :D You've got a great son here. You should be proud of him. Have a wonderful day!
Elder Ward

Hola buenas tardes Mamá de Elder Fardos pues solamente le mandaba un mensaje para felicitarla por su cumpleaños y espero que se la pase muy bien a lado de sus seres queridos y que Nuestro Padre Celestial la bendiga siempre y que le regale muchos años mas de vida 😃 ....
Hello, good afternoon, Mama of Elder Fardos, I send you this message to congratulate you on your birthday and I hope that you will have a great time with your loved ones and that Our Heavenly Father will always bless you and give you many more years of life.

Happy Birthday 🎂.....
De: Hermana Santizo 

Feliz Cumpleaños mamá de Elder Fardos. I am in the same zone as your son. Have a great day. Your son is awesome, a great missionary and a great friend too.  :D
Élder Rendón
The Marvelous Mission
Mexico Chihuahua 

Hello sister! I just wanted to say happy birthday and hope you have a nice day
with the ones you love. Your son is a wonderful missionary and an amazing person,

and a great friend of mine too :) Hasta luego! :D

Happy Birthday Sister Fardos!!!! Your son is the best zone leader ever. I hope that this year is a great one!!!
Elder Knight


Monday, August 7, 2017

Happy Anniversary Lauren & Julian!

Hey Fam!

What the heck?!!  How are Lauren and Julian married for a year?  Like, what? I can't even like comprehend that! But hey, Happy Anniversary to you both!! 

This week was good - it was a week full of ups and downs... Haha!  But in the end, everything's really good!! :D

We had conference of all the leaders in the mission, and I really had a cool moment!  President asked why we are leaders, and I got a lot of answers here and there as the day went.  But I also thought about it in another way... When I think about how I got to this point?!... Like how I even arrived as a missionary? And something that I really realized was that God has His plans for all of us. He knows exactly where and when we should be born, who should be our family, and He really takes everything into account!  

I'm convinced that before this life, we had like an intereview with Him, and He told us something like 'look, life is hard, but I'm gonna put you with your best friends and they're gonna be your family, okay?'  I mean that's probably not really the way it went, but I like to think like that. Because basically I know that nothing is coincidence, who is in our family, who are our friends, everything :D That's not gospel doctrine so don't mistake it... Hahahah!  But, I can see when I look back, all of the dots connect, as though every experience, every interaction, everything and everyone had a purpose or a part in getting me here where I am today.  It makes me grateful for God's plan for me because I'm so happy to be here in Chihuahua!

We've seen a lot of miracles here in the Chuviscar Zone, o sea, my zone. It's pretty awesome here! :) And my comp and I are real good. Honestly, I've been pretty blessed with my comps!

But yea, life is good! I love Chihuahua and we're just putting in work here! It's pretty awesome, the mission life.

Bueno, I hope you guys have an awesome week!
Until next time!!!!
With Elder Templeton

A note from Nick's Mom:

Nick must be putting the word out about my approaching birthday because I started receiving messages from missionaries that are serving with him!  They are sweet greetings with warm birthday wishes, but the thing I love most is their warm regard for Nick!  Following are a few of the messages:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER FARDOS your son is my best buddy. The dude is a legend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
-Elder Johansen

Hola! Thank you so much Sister Fardos for raising such a good son, he's been a help to me many ways in the mission. Thanks for everything you do and have done. And also something a little extra HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE IT IS A GREAT ONE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that all you wishes come true and that you can enjoy your special day of the year. Love you! 
Love Elder Epperson 

Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you 🎂💗
Happy Birthday Sister Fardos wish you but the best of birthday wishes here from chihuahua Mexico. Id like to thank you Sister Fardos for raising Elder Fardos to be who he is now. He is one of the best missionaries i know also I claim him as my little brother He is a great leader and he loves you guys all so much. Thank you for being a great influence in his life and thank you for being a strong and faithful member of this wonderful gospel. I wish you nothing but the best sending my love from Chihuahua Mexico Thanks for everything Sister Fardos. 
Con amor, Hermana Brown Polamalu aka sister of Elder Fardos 💗🎂

Monday, July 31, 2017

Cambios, Baptism & Ice Cream for Breakfast!!


And I didn't have any -- AGAIN!!! Hahahaha!!

I'm about to complete 10 months in the mission, and I've only been in the South of the City!!! It's cool because I know a bunch of members and half the city of Chihuahua like the back of my hand. When I come back here (and I'm totally coming back here in like November 2018!) I can show you guys (or whoever I'm with) Chihuahua bien chido (so cool!)! Honestly, I'm pretty stoked to be here a lil while longer, we should see some really awesome things going on here in la estaka Chuviscar (the Chuviscar Stake)! 

But yea, the Zone had changes, and guess who is in Girasoles, as a DISTRICT LEADER????



And we had some other changes, but really the Zone seems to be really awesome right now :) If things keep going this well we should have a really good week -- we've seen some real miracles thus far, but I don't wanna count the chickens before they hatch, so I'll give you a full update on how everything goes at the end of this week :D But good things are in the works, if we stay humble and worthy of these blessings!

This week we had a miracle, Pepe got baptized! I shared a little bit about him and gave you some pictures of him the last wee.  He asked me to baptize him when we visited him, and I was able to accommodate that request two days ago! It was really cute, when we were in the service, he said 'this is the most important thing in my life' -- He was so stinking cute!!!  I loved it! :)

Also we've seen some cool things here in Chihuahua, like we went to visit a grandma in el barrio, and her son is in the military, and theres a mexican eagle made out of grenades and guns and stuff - it's so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, Elder Arellano is leaving! You guys remember him from my first area, he's like one of my best friends here in the mission!!!! That kid is a baller. He'll do some good things in life!

I also did divisions again with Elder Postman -- and we ate Ben and Jerry's for breakfast! We haven't had it for almost a year, and well, he didn't have any food and we didn't know if we'd have combos (changes) and since we knew there was a possibility we might not have the chance to eat it again (its only sold in some stores and in some areas), so yea, we had ice cream for breakfast and it was awesome. No regrets.

Life is good here. A lot of new missionaries think I'm Mexican, they're always so surprised when I tell them I'm from California! Hahaha! :)

Bueno, that's pretty much it!!!! I'll keep you guys updated on everything. Keep that list of music and movies going, Okay????? 

Thanks!!!! I love you guys!!!!! Have a great week!!

Monday, July 24, 2017

A Good Foundation to Build On!

Bueno Hey mom! 

How are you?? I hope everythings good. This week has been pretty good, we did a lot of divisions!!! And I got to spend a day with Elder Hostman, a good friend, and Elder Lopez, mi papi!!! And well, it was really awesome! 

We went to visit a kid that's gonna get baptized, and they live soooooo far!!! Like sosososososo FARRRR!! But it's worth the travel time, because they live in a really cool little town where there's a lot of cool things to see, so yea, I have a few pictures for you this week. This kid is pretty cool too, and the purpose of our visit was to talk to him about his desire to be baptized and make sure he understood what it means to be baptized -- and then he told me that he wanted me to baptize him! I was honestly really excited about that! Hahaha! He's such a nice little guy!!! And he knows so much about the Book of Mormon, like it's crazy. The kid literally had whole stories memorized by heart!!!

Then Elder Zaragoza y yo went to see another family. They have a really heartbreaking story, but bottomline, basically the 81 year old Grandmother is raising her 9 year old Grandson, and he has a type of ADD so he struggles to be still and stay focused, and the poor guy has a hard time making friends too. So, I went to see him, and after just spending some time with him, talking with him and just being his friend, it was time to go and his Grandmother told me that I have a gift, and it was so sweet! :) Honestly, my heart just kinda broke for this family and I really want to help them so much. So, yea, they're awesome.

And then we had another moment that was pretty special. I think I've already shared a similar experience from a while ago, but it happened again!  We went to visit someone, and when they prayed, they pratically said 'thank you God for sending me these missionaries because I know they're prepared, or like comissioned, to help me get close to you'... and it was just the coolest experience. It was a confirmation of what we do here in Mexico! :)

And well, there was a lot of groundwork this week that should be a good foundation for us to follow up and build on -- so we should have a good week! :) I'll be sure to fill you in!!!!!!
And well, that's kinda all I have! I hope you guys have a good week! 

Till next time,

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Special Changes!!

Hola Familia!!

We had special changes!!! After 9 weeks with Elder Chan, he left for Cuautehmoc, and now I'm with Elder Zaragoza, or 'el Jefe', como lo llama ('the Boss', as I call him). He's super awesome and a really good missionary.  We get along really good too, so I'm excited to see what will happen here!

Okay, so something crazy in the mission is that we are losing a lot, like a LOT, of leaders, including the Assistants to the President in these next two cycles, or 9 weeks. So we have a lot of young District Leaders and a few of us young Zone Leaders, and a lot of times it's really daunting. But it goes like that in life too, when we get a calling that's not easy, or that kind of thing. Basically something that makes us scared or makes us feel unprepared or unworthy or really anything like that, and I was looking for help in the aspect. And I thought and found a couple cool things,

1.) God doesn't always call the qualified, He always qualifies the called,

2.) I was thinking about some of the best leaders in the Book of Mormon, and almost always we think of Capitan Moroni. And so I decided to study a little more about him, and found a lot of incredible things, but the thing that really surprised me more than anything else was that when he was put in charge of all the armies, he was 25. He was 25 years old and completely in charge of an entire army. I have to imagine that even though he was an amazing man with amazing faith, he was a little worried. But he put all his faith in God, and always sought His help and guidance in his calling. And in the end, the scriptures tell us he'll be remembered as this:

Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.  

That's pretty cool right? And that could be like us if we stay faithful and humble in our callings. 

Someone else that really inspired me was Mormon. He was 16 when he was put in charge of an army... and that's just nuts to me. 

Mormon 2:2 Therefore it came to pass that in my sixteenth year I did go forth at the head of an army of the Nephites, against the Laminates (in Spanish it's clearer and literally says when I had 16 years of age I left).

And well, he was a stud -- so really we don't have too much to worry about right? We can do it !!!!!! 

But yea, other than that I don't have a whole lot to report back. :D 
Till next time!

With love, 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Everything is Good in Chihuahua Mexico!


This week has been good, crazy fast but real good! We've been really busy but it's all been really good. I don't think I have to much to write about, but everything is good! The zone is going good, and Elder Chan and I are working good together too.

We had the zone conference, and we always have it with another zone, and Elder Johnson was in the other zone so I got to see him again! He's a really good guy and a really good missionary. That's so awesome that you guys got to spend a little bit more time together as families too!! Hahaha! 

(Elder Johnson's family stayed with us for a few days following Elder Fowler's homecoming in Reno, NV last week!  After the festivities with the Fowler family, we returned home and the Johnson's began a weeks long vacation hitting all of the NorCal and SoCal hotspots - starting at our house!! :) So fun to finally meet these Elders we've been following for almost a year and their families we feel like we've known forever!)!

But yea this week has been good! We've been working and talking a lot about having the spirit and recognizing it and it's promptings -- and that's a whole book of things in and of itself, but all really good stuff! :)
This week we found a person that went to high school in Texas so we talked with them in English and that was honestly so weird for me. I actually have almost no idea about how to talk about religion in English, like, I had to translate what I would say into English first... it was super weird. But it was pretty cool at the same time! I'll keep you updated on how things go there.

Also, Presidente Montoya completed a year in the mission! And he wrote us all a letter about how he got re-energized when thinking how he felt when he first got his call, and invited us to basically do the same, and that's what I'll be working on this week! :) I'm gonna try to keep the same excitement as when I first got here in Cerro Grande. I think that could really help me as a missionary!

But yea, not a whole lot to report on this week, I'll be sure to write more and send you guys some fotos next time! :) 😁

Stay awesome, love you guys, and have a good week!