Monday, July 31, 2017

Cambios, Baptism & Ice Cream for Breakfast!!


And I didn't have any -- AGAIN!!! Hahahaha!!

I'm about to complete 10 months in the mission, and I've only been in the South of the City!!! It's cool because I know a bunch of members and half the city of Chihuahua like the back of my hand. When I come back here (and I'm totally coming back here in like November 2018!) I can show you guys (or whoever I'm with) Chihuahua bien chido (so cool!)! Honestly, I'm pretty stoked to be here a lil while longer, we should see some really awesome things going on here in la estaka Chuviscar (the Chuviscar Stake)! 

But yea, the Zone had changes, and guess who is in Girasoles, as a DISTRICT LEADER????



And we had some other changes, but really the Zone seems to be really awesome right now :) If things keep going this well we should have a really good week -- we've seen some real miracles thus far, but I don't wanna count the chickens before they hatch, so I'll give you a full update on how everything goes at the end of this week :D But good things are in the works, if we stay humble and worthy of these blessings!

This week we had a miracle, Pepe got baptized! I shared a little bit about him and gave you some pictures of him the last wee.  He asked me to baptize him when we visited him, and I was able to accommodate that request two days ago! It was really cute, when we were in the service, he said 'this is the most important thing in my life' -- He was so stinking cute!!!  I loved it! :)

Also we've seen some cool things here in Chihuahua, like we went to visit a grandma in el barrio, and her son is in the military, and theres a mexican eagle made out of grenades and guns and stuff - it's so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, Elder Arellano is leaving! You guys remember him from my first area, he's like one of my best friends here in the mission!!!! That kid is a baller. He'll do some good things in life!

I also did divisions again with Elder Postman -- and we ate Ben and Jerry's for breakfast! We haven't had it for almost a year, and well, he didn't have any food and we didn't know if we'd have combos (changes) and since we knew there was a possibility we might not have the chance to eat it again (its only sold in some stores and in some areas), so yea, we had ice cream for breakfast and it was awesome. No regrets.

Life is good here. A lot of new missionaries think I'm Mexican, they're always so surprised when I tell them I'm from California! Hahaha! :)

Bueno, that's pretty much it!!!! I'll keep you guys updated on everything. Keep that list of music and movies going, Okay????? 

Thanks!!!! I love you guys!!!!! Have a great week!!

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