Monday, July 24, 2017

A Good Foundation to Build On!

Bueno Hey mom! 

How are you?? I hope everythings good. This week has been pretty good, we did a lot of divisions!!! And I got to spend a day with Elder Hostman, a good friend, and Elder Lopez, mi papi!!! And well, it was really awesome! 

We went to visit a kid that's gonna get baptized, and they live soooooo far!!! Like sosososososo FARRRR!! But it's worth the travel time, because they live in a really cool little town where there's a lot of cool things to see, so yea, I have a few pictures for you this week. This kid is pretty cool too, and the purpose of our visit was to talk to him about his desire to be baptized and make sure he understood what it means to be baptized -- and then he told me that he wanted me to baptize him! I was honestly really excited about that! Hahaha! He's such a nice little guy!!! And he knows so much about the Book of Mormon, like it's crazy. The kid literally had whole stories memorized by heart!!!

Then Elder Zaragoza y yo went to see another family. They have a really heartbreaking story, but bottomline, basically the 81 year old Grandmother is raising her 9 year old Grandson, and he has a type of ADD so he struggles to be still and stay focused, and the poor guy has a hard time making friends too. So, I went to see him, and after just spending some time with him, talking with him and just being his friend, it was time to go and his Grandmother told me that I have a gift, and it was so sweet! :) Honestly, my heart just kinda broke for this family and I really want to help them so much. So, yea, they're awesome.

And then we had another moment that was pretty special. I think I've already shared a similar experience from a while ago, but it happened again!  We went to visit someone, and when they prayed, they pratically said 'thank you God for sending me these missionaries because I know they're prepared, or like comissioned, to help me get close to you'... and it was just the coolest experience. It was a confirmation of what we do here in Mexico! :)

And well, there was a lot of groundwork this week that should be a good foundation for us to follow up and build on -- so we should have a good week! :) I'll be sure to fill you in!!!!!!
And well, that's kinda all I have! I hope you guys have a good week! 

Till next time,

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