Monday, July 3, 2017

Everything is Good in Chihuahua Mexico!


This week has been good, crazy fast but real good! We've been really busy but it's all been really good. I don't think I have to much to write about, but everything is good! The zone is going good, and Elder Chan and I are working good together too.

We had the zone conference, and we always have it with another zone, and Elder Johnson was in the other zone so I got to see him again! He's a really good guy and a really good missionary. That's so awesome that you guys got to spend a little bit more time together as families too!! Hahaha! 

(Elder Johnson's family stayed with us for a few days following Elder Fowler's homecoming in Reno, NV last week!  After the festivities with the Fowler family, we returned home and the Johnson's began a weeks long vacation hitting all of the NorCal and SoCal hotspots - starting at our house!! :) So fun to finally meet these Elders we've been following for almost a year and their families we feel like we've known forever!)!

But yea this week has been good! We've been working and talking a lot about having the spirit and recognizing it and it's promptings -- and that's a whole book of things in and of itself, but all really good stuff! :)
This week we found a person that went to high school in Texas so we talked with them in English and that was honestly so weird for me. I actually have almost no idea about how to talk about religion in English, like, I had to translate what I would say into English first... it was super weird. But it was pretty cool at the same time! I'll keep you updated on how things go there.

Also, Presidente Montoya completed a year in the mission! And he wrote us all a letter about how he got re-energized when thinking how he felt when he first got his call, and invited us to basically do the same, and that's what I'll be working on this week! :) I'm gonna try to keep the same excitement as when I first got here in Cerro Grande. I think that could really help me as a missionary!

But yea, not a whole lot to report on this week, I'll be sure to write more and send you guys some fotos next time! :) 😁

Stay awesome, love you guys, and have a good week!

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