Monday, June 26, 2017

I've never wanted to hug so many people before!

Well this week was pretty awesome! 

Not to mention that you totally saw Elder Fowler, that kid is incredible!

Last week Nick said goodbye to Elder Preston Fowler as he completed his two year mission in Chihuahua, and this week we were able to greet him and his sweet family in Reno, NV as we attended his homecoming and open house!  Such a treat!

But yea this week was really good! 

To start, we had two baptisms! The first was of a family that has pretty much has adopted us, the family Gonzalez! We always love seeing them, and it was such a special experience to be such a part of their family, por decir!  

Elder Fowler was especially close to this family as well, and was able to attend the baptism right before returning home!

And also we had another little one, named Damara, and Wow, this family has been with missioneries for like 6 months, so it was so special to finally see their daughter get baptized! She was so cute and the spirit was super strong. We really saw this family start to really change and really embark! :) It was so sweet!

I love these families and we can feel their love for us too!  We also had Stake Conference this week, and so I saw so many familiar faces of friends and families I love so much that I just about cried, honestly!!! I've never wanted to hug so many people before... and like Wow, that was hard to keep from just throwing my arms around them in some instances... For example, Luis Sandoval!!! He got sealed to his wife and they're just amazing people, and you have a bunch of fotos with us together in Girasoles! :) 

Also the family Rincon, and their sons Arturo y Omar. Theyre like 21 and 25 but Omar and I are like best friends, I love that guy! Picture to come! :)

And the family Navarro! I know I've told you guys about them -- the Mom reminds me exactly of you, my Mother!!!! She's awesome, the Dad is incredible, and they have a son serving a mission!!  They even gave me a tie this Sunday and man, honestly, I just love them so much!! The family Navarro is super special!! :) 

And I could go on and on and on because there are so many great people here, but anyway the Bishop from Girasoles is the new Stake President, so that's super cool! I also got the opportunity to meet Elder Chavez, or Presidente Chavez, the former Chihuahua Mexico Mission President! I also met Elder Rafeal Pino of the Seventy. He's really awesome, and they both shared some great messages, but I'm gonna be using part of their messages for you guys in about a year and a few months, so you'll have to just hold on for that! ;)

Naw, but really, this week has just been really good. Getting back to basics ya know? Trying to be more like Christ. Being a Zone Lider really has made me realize how hard it is to be a parent... it made me really understand what Mom has told me for years... it's not always what you say, it's how you say it.  That's something that has helped me a lot.  When the missionaries feel our concern for them, I feel like they tend to do better. It's a balance and I'm working on finding that balance! It's not easy!

But we've also been trying, Elder chan and I, to distinguish between the necessity and the problem of people - because they're two very different things. For example, if someone isn't working hard, that might be their problem... but their necessity could be something deeper, like maybe they need more faith or something like that.  If we try and see people and their struggles and problems more like that, we can really help them in a meaningful way. :) And I think that's something rather awesome.

Bueno pues that's about it! I love you all, have an awesome week!!!!

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