Monday, June 12, 2017

Learning Something in Everything!

Hey Fam!

Well this week has been super awesome!  I don’t have a lot of time, so I’ll just try to fill you in on a few things…

Life is good here in the mission! I’m learning so much in my personal studies and in my experiences.  Everything seems to offer a lesson if I let it… I hope I’ll be able to put it into English and have it make sense.  So, okay cool, I’ll give it a go.

I heard a quote and someone said that the important thing in life is not the ‘why’, but ‘for what’. Instead of asking ‘why did this happen?’, we need to think for what reason did this happen? What can I learn from it?  It sounds cooler in Spanish, 'no por que, sino para que?' esta chido esto.

I also saw a t-shirt that was awesome. It said ‘built not born’ and I don’t know, I guess I thought it was cool. It made me think about a lot of things -- like being here in the mission, or even our testimony or our personal beliefs for example. A lot of times we have to work to build them, they aren’t necessarily born in an instant. I really liked it!

Also, Elder Fowler is going home! A lot of friends have been headed out and he’s the end of the first wave! His mom also sent me a tie for my birthday so a thousand thanks to her!!!!!

Okay, I’m almost out of time but I have one more thought to share…  The Book of Mormon is awesome, there’s so many great truths in there, but Wow, I am really diggin the Bible right now.  The stories of Christ’s life – His birth, His baptism, His Atonement and resurrection but there are so many more really good stories in the Bible.  I was studying in the New Testament the story of Jesus and Lazarus.  Jesus and Lazarus were friends, Jesus loved Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha.  A messenger was sent to tell Jesus that someone He loved was sick.  Jesus already knew that Lazarus had died, but He continued His work in the place He was, always mindful of the friends He loved, then in two days time, He informed His disciples that it was time to go back to Judea to see His friends.  It was on His timeline.  He didn’t neglect His friends, but He let them experience their hardship, and when He saw them, He cried with them and showed them great compassion, knowing the whole time He would raise Lazarus from the dead and by this Gods miracles would be made known.  He’s always available to help us, isn’t He?  But it’s not always how and when we think would be best.

It’s super interesting and great to share when someone is going through troubling times or having some problems.  Jesus always wants the best for us, but He lets us have trials because we need them to continue progressing.

I also studied the history of Peter and you can read about it in John.  When Peter saw Jesus on the water he lept out of the boat to meet Jesus on the water, but quickly began to drown.  But why?  Peter was a fisherman, he knew how to swim, and he was a strong swimmer… Peter jumps off the boat and begins to drown, and isn’t that just like life.  When life happens, sometimes we forget what we already know – even the simple things, and when we forget we feel like we’re drowning.  Sometimes the simple things are the most basic, like prayer, or in Peter’s case moving his arms and legs, and we start to drown in whatever it is we’re faced with, be it physically, spiritually or whatever.  But this is the way it goes sometimes. 

So don’t forget the little things… pray, read the scriptures, and go to church and never forget that Jesus loves you, He is there for you and wants the best for you and if you keep your faith, you will see His miricles.


That’s all I’ve got for now, Till next time! I love you guys!!!!!

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