Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Well today was changes!!!

And I didn't have any! Hahaha! But the zone had quite a few, including that Elder Lopez showed up to my zone!!! Yea, my first dad is here in the zone! And wow that kid has changed a lot, its super cool to see him again! 

AND YEA, EZRA GAVE ME TJ'S TIE AND THAT WAS SO NICE! HE SAID I WAS WORTHY TO HAVE IT - WOW I LOVE THAT DUDE!  Why didn't we REALLY get to know him at TJ's wedding?!?!?! He's literally the coolest cat out her in Chihuahua. Love that guy!

Nick's cousin, Travis (we call him TJ), served a mission in Uruguay two years ago... one of his closest companions was Elder Avina.  We all met Ezra Avina at TJ's wedding last summer and enjoyed a great conversation but that was all... Ezra lives in Chihuahua in the same area Nick is serving -- and with a little direction from the missionaries in his ward, Ezra was able to track Nick down!!  Nick has really enjoyed connecting with Ezra and getting to know him.  This week Ezra gave Nick his cousins tie (one TJ gave him on the mission) and told Nick he was worthy to have it!!  Just awesome!! :)

Also, mom, Elder Fowler has a little something for you from me, so you'll get a little gift at his homecoming talk!  Hopefully you'll like it. :)

Andddddd que mas............

Do you know Elder Johnson's family? And a better question, are they staying in our house?!!  Elder Johnson and I are pretty close too, like Fowler and I, so he totally told me like 'Hey man, I think my family is gonna stay at your house' and I was just like whaaaaaat?!!!!  I did not see that coming!  Haha!  But, if that's true, please tell his parents that their son is a super awesome missionary and just an amazing person in general!

And well, we had a baptism this week, which is kinda rare because we're zone lideres, but it was really awesome! the hermano that got baptized is awesome, and his cousin baptized him! I remember a prayer that he said especifically when we started to teach him, he said 'Father please help me be able to go to church every Sunday' and this man just gets it.  He gets it because he said this prayer in the process of looking for a job, and he found one, but it would have made him work on Sunday, so he turned it down and kept looking. He said this prayer and a few days later found a better job with less hours and Sundays off. It was the coolest little experience! 

Also  we taught another man and in the first lesson he prayed and he sayed something that really struck me. He prayed for us... that we'd be protected and guided, and then he said 'because I know these boys (jovenes) are prepared to help guide me to You' and that just hit me, because there are a lot of times I do not feel so prepared, but whenever we sit down to talk with someone I just feel it. I don't think I could ever describe what it's like, but it's really amazing.

Also, the ward Girasoles, the one I was in before I got here, is in our zone so I still see the members and I absolutely love them and I can feel their love and ahhhhh I miss them! Also Elder Chan and I totally got adopted into a family here in Centro. It's the family that celebrated my birthday for me -- I love them so much too!  There's a lot of really great people here in Mexico! :)

Well, I love you all!  Be good!  Until next time,

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